At excelia, we offer our clients the experience of 20 years of service to companies from different sectors, through which we offer consulting services to improve diverse business processes.

From the optimisation of processes and the selection of the most appropriate technology to each project, to the internationalisation of the company from the management perspective. We have a team of professionals with proven experience, to help our clients achieve an optimisation of their business processes.

® 20 years of expertise

Sector-specific specialisation

High-level professionals

Tailored consulting  
Designed on the basis of each customer’s needs

Strategic and Operational Consulting

We help and support companies in the design and achievement of objectives, optimising their costs in order to unify their strategic vision with optimal results in their operations, aligning the company’s strategy to fulfil the aims of its core business.
Strategic Consulting

Detailed plan design that maximises the value of corporate operations, as well as their implementation with the support of a methodology.

Operational Consulting

Development of strategy, identification of the main levers and value generation areas to be dealt with through a corporate operation. Identification of business areas that must be maintained and/or disinvested, profitable operations, as well as the design of the necessary action plan.

  • Human Capital
  • Corporate Finances
  • Diagnostic Audit
  • Investment Controls (COSO)
  • Improvement and Optimisation of Processes


Technology Consulting

We advise and help our clients to digitally transform their businesses to meet the specific needs of their organisation.

At excelia we offer technological consulting services to work alongside companies in the challenge of transforming their businesses, automating and optimising them.

We help organisations to design the best technological strategy according to the needs of their business.

We conceive technology as an essential factor in every business; one that directly influences its performance and results.

  • PMO
  • Quality Assurance
  • Diagnostic Audits
  • Selecting technological tools
  • Defining the business areas


Risk Consulting

Every company, local or international, manages a series of risks and difficulties on a daily basis related to: strategy, operations, regulatory compliance and reporting.

Risk Management can be applied to the entire organisation, to all its divisions, levels, functions, projects or specific activities.
At excelia we want to advise and support you in the identification, management and control of each type of risk:

Operational Risk
Diagnosis and monitoring of areas and processes, personnel evaluation, DRP, legal advice

Strategic & Reputation
Programs to prevent money laundering, fraud prevention, business continuity and ISO 3100-based monitoring

IT Risk
Systems audit, cybersecurity, monitoring on the basis of ISO 2007 and 37001

Financial Risk
Credit control, design of KPIs and boards, probabilistic scoring, system classifier, valuation information


Special Consulting

We offer you advice and implementation of an ISO 9001/ISO 14001 Quality System, adapting at all times to your needs and the characteristics of your organization.
When we start an ISO 9001 implementation project or implementation of a quality system on some other basis, we follow these steps:
Initial diagnostic audit
We analyse where the client is at and how far the client is from meeting the requirements set. Additionally, we present a detailed action plan including stages, actions, objectives to achieve and personnel involved.

Documentation Development
Quality system documentation based on the information we collect from the client in each working day. Project progress report.

System Roll-Out
System start-up, reviewing all those weak points that display difficulties when it comes to putting them into operation in the organisation.



  • Consulting for Processes
  • Projects |Office (PMO)
  • Organisational Model
  • Quality Advising
  • Digital Transformation
  • IT Strategy
  • Monitoring Methodologies and Implementations

Some of our clients

At excelia we are aware of the importance of looking after our clients, building up a close relationship with them over the long term based on excellence and trust.

We provide in-depth knowledge of the sector thanks to our teams’ high degree of specialisation.

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