Digital Transformation

After 20 years helping companies with a broad portfolio of technological solutions and services, we gone a step further to be able to accompany companies in meeting the challenge of transforming their businesses, automating and optimising them.

Additionally, our international perspective gives us extensive experience in the implementation of international projects with locations in more than 30 countries.


20 years of experience

A Single Global Provider
Single liaison

Flexibility and support
From technology to digital transformation

Global corporate vision
Locations in over 30 countries

A team of local experts
Multi-disciplinary professionals

Optimising Processes


Manages your company’s operations from a centralised platform with international localisations adapted to the laws of each country.

  • Global Management in a single tool
  • Covers all Company Departments
  • Greater precision in decision-making
  • Specific functionalities for each sector
  • Improvement of Control and Traceability
  • Optimisation of deadlines and processes
  • International localizations
    (Adapted to the legal and fiscal frameworks in each country)


Sales and commercial cycle optimisation


Comprehensive management of the customer and contacts
From identifying business opportunities and optimising your business cycles to decision-making, after-sales and customer retention

  • Total control of Sale Processes
  • Conversion of prospects into sales
  • Pipeline Management and business activities
  • Planning and Control of Campaigns
  • Comprehensive Customers and Contacts Management
  • Sales and Commercial cycle Optimization
  • All of the information from any location and device


Knowhow Management


Create knowledge from your company’s data and information to take better decisions, automate processes, anticipate risks, create more value and opportunities.

  • Transforming data into intelligent decission-making
  • Immediate sourcing of strategic information
  • Simple, fluid and real-time decission-making
  • Display and analysis of data from a single panel
  • Identification of new business opportunities
  • Obtaining a 360º vision of the organization


Collaborative Office


Transform your office into a digital office with no physical documentation and optimise work flows.

  • Access to your documents from any device and any location
  • Improves business mobility
  • Control and security of documents
  • Manage all of the company’s documents from a single tool
  • Efficiency in searching for and retrieving documents


Smart infrastructures


Transform and modernise your IT infrastructure. From the design and deployment of Cloud services to their administration, management and control.

  • Transformation and modernisation of the Data centre (Cloud Data centre, Servers and Virtualisation)
  • Security and Business Continuity
  • Storage and Backup
  • Infrastructure and Hosting
  • Design and deployment of Cloud Services
  • Management and control of IT infrastructure remotely/on site


Automation of Processes


Optimise the performance of your processes by automating repetitive tasks and freeing up staff.

  • Automation in the execution of your tasks, 24/7
  • Reduction of errors caused by manual execution
  • Carrying out repetitive tasks at great speed
  • Improves productivity and frees up staff
  • Scalability: Easy adaptation to increases in the dimensions of the project



excelia provides Consulting, Technology, Accounting & Tax and Talent services. It is an international company with a major presence in two continents and localisations in over 30 countries (Europe, Latin America and the US)

High-level professionals
A multi-disciplinary team with broad technological specialisation. Over 100 professionals who specialise in consulting and the development of Technological Solutions.

A Sound Methodological Framework
Proven experience in projects that define a methodological framework that guarantees success in roll-outs of technology.

International Coverage
Professionals deployed all over the world. Presence in Latin America since 2009.

A clear methodological definition and guarantee of quality thanks to Multi=Platform Competency centres.

Some of our clients

At excelia we are aware of the importance of looking after our clients, building up a close relationship with them over the long term based on excellence and trust.

We provide in-depth knowledge of the sector thanks to our teams’ high degree of specialisation.

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