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excelia is a consulting firm that specialises in offering technological talent for all sectors and for every kind of technology.

Dedicate your resources to the core of your business, leaving us to take care of all the other ancillary activities in which we can increase productivity, competitiveness and generate added value.

We offer staff with profiles that not only cover functions, they contribute added value and effectiveness, and as a result they increase the company’s value.

We have extensive experience in these sectors: Banking and Insurance, Industry, Human Resources, Telecommunications, Logistics, Legal, Retail, Transport, Health, Tourism, Leisure, Sales and Marketing…
We provide the right people for your project, for as long as necessary.

Optimisation in Time:
We have an active portfolio of candidates

Candidate Quality:
We have a multi-disciplinary team with extensive technical knowledge

Tailored contracting:
Contracting by project, with fixed duration

High experience in specialized resource management

Alienated with the expectations and needs of our customers

IT Outsourcing

Complement your projects with people that provide functional and technical activities both at the core of your business and in advanced technological activities, by leaving us take care of the activities you select, we can increase productivity, competitiveness and generate added value.

Training or relocation at no cost to the client. Backup for positions to which staff are assigned in clients.

We have the best talent in a diverse range of technologies and we develop projects in the framework of Digital Transformation or that offer solutions to the needs of different business requirements

  • Managers
  • Consultants
  • Senior Project Managers
  • Analysts / Programmer Analysts
  • Programmers/DTP specialists



We offer roles that not only cover functions, they contribute added value and effectiveness, and as a result they increase the company’s value.
We provide staff with profiles in administrative, process management and document control roles.
We optimise the internal resources and reduce staffing costs by providing:

  • Multi-disciplinary professionals at every level
  • Flexible working patterns
  • Tailored Solutions
  • as a result, they will increase the company’s value


Electronic Billing

Optimise your billing processes with suppliers and customers, start issuing invoices electronically with a certified signature and scan paper invoices through our OCR technology, then export them automatically to your accounting program.

  • Adaptation to the legal framework in each country
  • Manage your invoices from a single dashboard
  • Receipt of deliveries of purchases made simple
  • Issuance of sales (Electronic Billing)
  • Electronic Accounting Issuance with the various Tax Agencies in the country in question.

Financial BPO

excelia’s Finance and Accounting BPO Services can help you to have a more efficient and effective organisation in those countries where your company operates.

Our capabilities include a complete package of Accounting and Finance BPO services for the whole financial value chain.

  • Purchases to payments processes
  • Order to collection processes
  • Recording to reporting processes


At excelia, we provide highly-qualified human resources with a high level of experience, top-level individuals with knowledge of an extensive range of technologies and industries, assigned to our clients or working in our work centres.

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Digital Environments



Job Analysis
We establish the technical and personal attributes based on your requirements to prepare the selection process

Candidate Search and Filtering

Using our own tools and our Know-How, we conduct the initial filtering of candidates.

Comprehensive analysis of candidates’ skills, attributes and capacities.

Proposal of candidates

We present the candidates together with our assessments and references.

Management and Monitoring

We manage the interview and the offer and monitor candidates’ performance and correct integration.

Some of our clients

At excelia we are aware of the importance of looking after our clients, building up a close relationship with them over the long term based on excellence and trust.

We provide in-depth knowledge of the sector thanks to our teams’ high degree of specialisation.

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